Jermuk Resort

Jermuk health resort is in the South-East of Republic of Armenia, on the upper reaches of the river Arpa, 173 km off the capital city Yerevan. The plateau, on which Jermuk is located, is surrounded by alpine vegetation of the Syunic mountain range, covered by forests at height of 2500-3000 m.
The River Arpa flows through the town dividing it into two parts.
Down the centuries Jermuk has been a first-class spa treatment centre and climatotherapic health resort, records of which were made as far back as the first century AD.
The first scientific-research group was sent to Jermuk in 1925 to investigate the health-improving quality of the mineral water. The conclusion had one single meaning: an entire health resort can be established on the base of the mineral water.
The air in Jermuk is absolutely pure, dustless, and full of flowery odour. The climate is typical for mountains: it is cool in summer, and winters are long and snowy. Annual atmospheric precipitation is 800 mm, atmospheric pressure reaches 600 mm Hg, and the yearly total of sunshine duration is 2400 hours. The number of rainy days in a year is 9-20. Winds are predominantly northeaster, which change into southeaster and east winds in summer. The annual average of the wind speed is 2m/sec. Foggy weather is a rare event-from 4 to 6 days in a year.
The main medicinal factor of the health resort is mineral water, which can be applied both externally and internally. Mineral waters of Jermuk are of a list of the most compound sorts: they are of carbonaceous, hydrocarbonaceous, sulphate, chloride, natrium-kalium-calcium-magnesium mineral waters of 4.5 g/l mineralization.